October 31, 2016

The best crepe makers ever

If you are a fan of crepes and your family adores them then you will definitely need on of the crepe makers. This is an ideal investment for the ones that eat them a lot and very often.There is an enormous offer on the market, and it is hard to decide which h one is the best for your kitchen. What should you pay attention to when it comes to this kind of purchase. Well, depending on your needs you can afford yourself smaller or larger crepe makers. You can even find those that have more than one features, and they are basically like crepes multi-practice. Here are some of the solutions you can find on the market.

Crepe Maker and non-stick 12“ Griddle

You will find much easier to make crepes with this products. Thanks to 5 possible temperature regulations, you will have an accurate control and will be able to achieve the perfect results. For the super-thin crepes, you will also receive the batter spreader for free. You will always know when your plate is ready due to on and off ready light. The plate is made of aluminum and it is ideal for using a griddle.

Krampouz Tibos Domestic Griddle

This product is a real thing because you will get practically everything you need. It is like all in one: spatula, ladle, rake and even a whole recipe booklet with spreader device and brushes included.This whole kit and the 13“ plate will help you to make outstanding crepes.


First of all its size 13“ is more than enough, then a batter spreader that is included in the kit and the strength of 1300 W.


I have to admit that the ladle is too small and sometimes you will have to use more a bit of extra oil for the surface, sometimes regular amount isn’t enough.

Heavy Duty Commercial Crepe Maker

This product is heavy, and it is made to produce crops and many as possible. Thanks to its long-lasting stainless steel base with handles that are fully resistant to heat, it will last forever. With adjustable thermostat to 570 degrees Fahrenheit your cooking will be various depends on your needs. And of course, you have a power light to indicate when the plate is heated enough. It is more appropriate to the business than a family cooking thanks to its size 16“ and it is convenient for a large distribution.

chocolate-raspberry-mini-crepe-cakes-4No matter what product you decide to buy, you have to be aware that this is one-lifetime investment. Once you try it, you will never stop using it. All of them are very fast and practical and they makes preparing crepes very easy. If you don’t have enough space in the kitchen use the smallest one, and it should have a place of its own so you can use them whenever you want. They are an excellent choice for breakfast, and your family is going to love it more than you expect.

Jennifer Sanchez

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